Thursday, February 9, 2012

Coming Soon: The First Guest Blog for "Life in the Philloverse."

It's tough being a blogger, all that coming up with a unique topic every day and stuff. It can be exhausting. (I know, WAAAAAH!)

But I'm excited to announce that the next time you read "Life in the Philloverse," it'll be written, for the first time, by a special guest blogger. And I'm even more excited that the guest blogger will be my MFA Little Sister Erin. That's really the way it should be. After all, Erin was one of the biggest proponents of me starting a blog, and the constant encouragement paid off.

Also, on the same day her post runs (likely Saturday), I'll be writing a guest blog for her site. We'll be blogging on the same topic, one that has some timeliness to it as it pertains to relationships (for Valentine's Day) and the Red Sox (for Truck Day, when the equipment trucks leave Fenway for spring training in Florida). And Erin and I have differing viewpoints on the topic in question, so it'll be great. Point/Counterpoint.

Stay tuned. This should be fun. Once Erin sends me her guest blog (ahem), we'll be up and running.

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