Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Choice

I'm required by law to review reality dating shows. That said, I waited until tonight's Rob Gronkowski episode to review Fox's The Choice.

It's a knockoff of the NBC singing reality show The Voice. And to be honest, the concept makes more sense for dating TV than music TV. We can all be shallow at times, and trying to choose a date while you have your back to her makes the game of love that much more intriguing to watch. Four celebrities (usually male, though apparently there was an episode with female celebrities last week that I missed) listen to a prospective date try to pique their interest. If they're game, they turn their chair around. If multiple celebs turn around, the date gets to pick between the suitors.

The celebs get three dates, then ask them a series of questions until they settle on one and get to go on a date.

Cringe factor for women: High. I'll give them credit for putting themselves out there, because that has to be unnerving to pitch yourself to actors/athletes/singers/miscellaneous celebs. Still, it makes them pander to the shallowness. Two separate girls went out of their way to exaggerate their Boston accents to try to land Gronk. All the other girls said some variation on "I'm very flexible" to get guys to turn around.

Cringe factor for men: Stratospheric. You'd think they'd be a little more careful and gentlemanly since they don't have the benefit of actually seeing the women beforehand. But somehow it only makes them act even more boorish. All the women have to do is say something remotely sexual (like "I'm very flexible") and they pull their levers -- on the chairs, you pervert -- to turn around and drool. Then, when the host asks them why they turned their chairs, they say, "She sounded hot."

The verdict: Like many concepts that look good on paper, this turned out to be a train wreck. Concept don't factor in bad behavior. The episode isn't even over yet and I've made my decision.

The Choice: D