Thursday, February 16, 2012

Monthly Sofa Bill

It's amazing how financial companies will sneakily make it hard for you to pay your bill.

I put my my sleeper sofa on credit. It's interest free if I pay it off within six months. If I don't, or if I make a late payment, I get dinged for all the interest that would've normally accrued.

So my first payment is due tomorrow. I looked at the bill and there's no indication that I can pay it online. Obviously at this point, if I sent it via snail mail, it'll be late and I'll get screwed into high interest payments. The bill does give me a phone number to call. But I've called those numbers before. They'll let you pay your bill over the phone but they tack on a $15 service charge. #Lame.

But when I called the number, a recorded woman's voice told me that I can indeed pay my bill online. So I went online. Though the website tried to ensure that I wouldn't do it by claiming that my password didn't match when I tried to retype it, I was persistent and eventually it relented and let me access my account and pay the bill online.

Take that, Wells Fargo.

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