Friday, February 3, 2012

Hole in the Wall

The folks who punched a hole in the wall with my new sleeper sofa came back to finish patching it up yesterday.

They had started work on it one night last week, but it was getting late and they needed to return the van back to the warehouse and I didn't want them hanging around after, say, 9pm anyway. I get a little antsy when I have strangers in my place at night. I was also starving, and I didnt want to eat dinner around them because it would make them hungry, and then they might try to corece me into making them dinner.

We tried to schedule a date to finish the job, and we had some fits and starts but we couldn't make it work. Also, I was stating to suspect they were trying to get out of finishing the job. So when my landlord swung by to finall check out the damage and pick up the rent check, I used that as an opportunity.

He was pretty laid back about the hole. But someday I'll move out of here and I don't want to have to pay for repairing the wall when I leave. I texted the dudes and told them he was pissed and was about to call the furniture store if they didn't come back to finish the job.

They showed up Thursday and finished patching. I'm much more relaxed now. Now I don't have to entertain them anymore, or make them dinner.

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