Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Deleting History

As someone who has a functional knowledge of computers but is hardly a techie, I always get nervous when things go wrong. And I've been trying to write a blog, but every time I log onto my site, I get a perpetual loading loop and I can't type anything into the text of my blog.

A few minutes ago I realized it's been doing this for 12 hours now and this was becoming a big problem. In my last blog, I complained about how mundane life has been lately. No good deed goes unpunished. So I decided to think about what could be wrong. Usually, for me, this involves shutting the laptop down, restarting it and hoping for the best.

However, today I thought to myself, "I haven't deleted my browser history in awhile, so maybe I should give that a try." I have no idea what the correlation would be, except for that things seem to load quicker when my history is cleared. So I tried it.

Here is the end result -- a blog. Once again, I've somehow managed to survive cyberspace hell.



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  2. [[Getting my geek on]]

    If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation again, another thing to try is a different browser. So, if you usually use Mozilla Firefox, log in using Internet Explorer. It won't solve the problem long-term, but it will make it less annoying in the short term.

    The reason this works is that any cookies that a site puts on your computer will be browser-specific, another reason is that you won't have a massive cache in the browser you don't usually use.