Friday, November 19, 2010

Substance Over Sports

I just got back from my writer's group meeting, where someone (who shall remain nameless) said my blog is "about sports."

According to my records, this is my 69th blog.  Of the previous 68, only 15 had a sports theme to them.  That means 53 blogs had nothing to do with sports.  Using standard rounding, that's 77.94% that were sports-free.  If this were a presidential election, 77.94% would be a historic landslide.

I've blogged about pop culture,  politics, stuff that nobody else would know about memy love of Vault soda,  the quirks of being a New Englander and the writer's life, among other things. 

I am a sports fan, and I do not apologize for that.  But I have depth and substance, too.  I'm not just some testosterone-snorting, brainless sports fanatic.


  1. This is the worst sports blog I have ever read! Only 22.06 % of the blog postings concern sports, and my most recent calculations show zero percent concern yachting, polo, or rugby.

  2. If Sebastian were a REAL sports fan, he's be more upset about the lack of cricket coverage in this blog.

  3. Now just a newfangled minute here. I was not insinuating that you are testosterone-snorting or brainless. I was just mistaken about the main subject matter of your blog. Do I not love your novel? Do I not know that you're into politics and the writers life and that you mourn the recent discontinuation of Vault cola? And while "I don't give a damn about the royal family" is not a surprise to me, I'm probably going to read it because I've been thinking that myself and I know it'll be entertaining because you wrote it. Also, I can't wait to read "the best fight scene of all time."
    Now, if you and Sebastian will excuse me, I have to go read "stuff that nobody else would know about me" so I can bring it up in conversations.
    love, nameless

  4. I love that you're using links now.