Monday, November 8, 2010

In Memoriam: Wade Phillips

One of the entertaining aspects of the 2010 NFL season has been the train-wreck that is the Dallas Cowboys.  To be honest, I don't hate the Cowboys, or even have any reason to hate them (okay, maybe the whole We're-Gonna-Play-The-Super-Bowl-On-Our-Home-Field-This-Year talk this offseason got a little tiresome).  But the circus atmosphere surrounding this season for the Cowboys has been fascinating.

Alas, the Cowboys 1-7 start and 45-7 shellacking at the hands of Green Bay last night was too much for  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to bear, and he fired Wade Phillips on Monday.  This is a great loss -- not for NFL coaching, but for people like myself, who enjoy watching coaches and their silly mannerisms on the sidelines. Whether he's scratching his chincursing after getting beat on a field goal on the final play of the game or or just running the gamut of his series of clueless looks, nobody made watching a coach patrol the sidelines more entertaining than Wade Phillips.

This is the third time Phillips has been fired as a head coach -- he also got the axe with the Denver Broncos in 1995 and the Buffalo Bills in 2001 -- so his head coaching career is probably done.  You only get so many chances in the NFL.  Phillips will be missed, if only for his goofball persona.

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