Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Freakin' Election Day

Here we go again.  Another election has come and gone, and once again we have change.  Something tells me going forward, Republicans and Democrats will take turns gaining and losing power in Washington every two years.

It's disillusioning when both major political parties suck.  We have a new movement, the Tea Party, that claims to support fiscal responsibility.  Great.  I'm all for fiscal responsibility.  The thing that pisses me off about the Democrats is that they spend too much public money (not that the Republicans don't waste their share; it's pretty fucking expensive to roll tanks into another country).  Where I diverge from the Tea Party is when they expend their energy talking not about fiscal responsibility but about evolution, witchcraft and masturbation.  The new Tea Party perverts the original, quite noble Tea Party of our Founding Fathers, who didn't give a shit about whether you masturbated in your private time; they just wanted to end the tyranny of the British Empire and gain their own sovereignty.

Two years ago, the Dems talked about reducing the deficit when they regained control of Congress and the presidency.  Yet they refuse to address the major cause of out national debt, a bloated entitlement system in Social Security and Medicare that is basically a trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme.  And the Dems have a Congressman, Barney Frank, who spewed out the most classless acceptance speech I've ever heard after Sean Bielat had the gall to contest his seat.  Trust me, there's a lot I don't agree with Bielat on, but tonight doesn't give me confidence that Frank will be very conciliatory in Congress.

In my Congressional district, rather than choose between a Democrat who refuses to acknowledge that Social Security is bankrupting America or a Republican who wants to build a fence on the border with Mexico (cuz, you know, that'd be a wise use of taxpayer money.  It's not like people would tunnel under the fence or anything), I ended up voting for an independent candidate.  Sure, he only got 4.5% of the vote, but I'll be able to sleep with a clean conscience tonight.

Americans like divided government for a reason.  I can only hope that, going forward, Democrats and Republicans will political parties will smarten up and work for the United States, not their own selfish interests. 

Alas, I'm not optimistic.  We get the government we deserve.

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