Monday, November 15, 2010

A True New Englander

I was watching Chronicle on WCVB earlier and they had a special "Mystery Main Streets & Back Roads" segment, in which they didn't reveal the name of the town until the end of the show.  So I played along.

I'm proud to report that I was able to correctly guess the town at 7:43, 13 minutes into the broadcast.  It's pretty amazing considering I've never set foot in this town in my life.  I won't kill the suspense; you can check out the answer here.  But I can say there were a few helpful hints in the broadcast that unlocked the mystery for me.   

And we New Englanders like to boast about our native intelligence, so I guess I can call myself a true New Englander now.

Bonus mini-blog: Tonight dumbest quotes from Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football -- 1) "If DeSean Jackson isn't the fastest player in the league, then he's one of the fastest player in the league." 2) "If you're looking for a Christmas present for DeSean Jackson, get him a highlight reel package."  Gruden's a moron.