Friday, October 1, 2010

If Jasmine Can Get Published, So Can I

Sometimes, when I sit here in front of my laptop, I wonder what word choices other fiction writers would make.  Tonight, I learned the answer.

On The Tonight Show's "JayWalking" segment, Jay Leno asked a self-described fiction writer named Jasmine what it means to go Dutch.  She responded it means to "go steady," then when informed that was wrong, her second answer was "to write books with someone else."  Later in the segment, she said coitus interruptus means "interrupting someone when they're being coy."

There are times I feel I'm crazy to write a novel, because the chances of my getting published are slim to none.  And then there are times like tonight, when I convince myself that if Jasmine the Fiction Writer can get published, so can I.


  1. I'll add my "amen, brother" to this post AND remind you that you have been published.

  2. there's also snooki (see snooki publishing deal venn diagram)
    tho it could be a picture book?