Monday, October 4, 2010

Master of the Obvious

One of the fun parts of watching sports on TV is listening to the announcers.  Sometimes they can be funny, sometimes they can be dumb, which is even funnier.

Exhibit A: Tonight's (actually, it's last night's now) Patriots-Dolphins game.

Best comment: after the Pats blocked a punt and returned a kickoff and blocked field goal for a touchdown, the Dolphins faced a fourth-and-two on their own 45. Mike Tirico said, "If I'm Miami I'm scared to put my special teams on the field."

Worst comment: after the Patriots blocked the punt, Jon Gruden pointed out that the Miami also had a punt blocked last week against the Jets and twice in the preseason. Then there was a pause.  I expected Gruden, a former Super Bowl-winning coach, to come up with am insightful comment on how teams have exploited a weakness on the right side of the Dolphin line, or the up-back's blocking technique is terrible, or the punter takes four steps instead of three before booting the ball away.

Instead, Gruden said, "The Dolphins are really having a problem with their punt-protect team."

Really, Jon?  Ya think so?

This is why we need color commentators, for the crucial insight we can't figure out just watching alone.

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