Thursday, October 21, 2010

Game Show Fun

Interesting day in the wacky world of game shows.

On The Price is Right, a young woman was lucky enough to be called into Contestants' Row, and proceded to bid $420 on EVERY item.  I mean, first of all, I'm all for the decriminalization of marijuana (and I know Drew Carey is too), but when you're on a game show and people are trying to get on stage to win a sail boat or a trip to Honduras, nobody really cares how you feel about dope.  Secondly, anything you can win on TPIR costs significantly more than $420, so you're stacking the deck against yourself.  Not surprisingly, this woman never got on stage.

Later, on Wheel of Fortune, a puzzle read FI_ING FRANKS & FRENCH FRIES.  Two contestants whiffed on that final missing letter (they asked for the P and the M).  I felt bad for the third, who probably was the smartest of the bunch.  Unfortunately, she hit BANKRUPT, before it wrapped back around the the first contestant, who finally had the presence of mind to call for the "X."

Yep, there are some interesting contestants out there.    


  1. i get frusterated with people on game shows all the time.

  2. oh-oh. What did I do this time, Hilts?