Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Survived Student Reading Night

I did it.  I successfully made the trip down to Connecticut for my Fairfield U. MFA student reading and back home to Massachusetts, all in one piece.  I'm proud to be the only Masshole who made the trip.  My right knee also aches, a side effect from a total of four hours of driving.

Reading a passage from your writing is actually pretty nerve-wracking.  Writing is a pretty personal act (even if it's fiction).  Reading personal musings in front of about 50 people can give you a case of the jitters.  Fortunately, my novel-in-progress seems to have been pretty well received.

Not only did I gain some valuable reading experience, but thank to Tina I also came home with two cans of Coca-Cola (I could've had three but I felt that'd be TOTALLY milking it) and two winter jackets.  Jackpot.  Now, since I'm exhausted, it's time for bed.


  1. wow. sounds like a great night! 50something people is awesome!

    umm, and i love how you throw it in there that you were the ONLY masshole in attendance. I couldn't make it! or else I would have just gone! :)

  2. That was fun. And Tina was giving out winter jackets? What a bonus! Great seeing you.