Thursday, October 14, 2010

Phil 2.0 -- Rising From The Ashes

I Googled myself the other day. Many of the 57 results that came up were fascinating.  There are still stories posted online that I wrote 12 years ago at The Hartford Courant.  I totally forgot that, at one point, I had a MySpace page.  Apparently there's an award named after me at Cal State University - East Bay, though what exactly what the award honors is a mystery.  There's a web page that gives me a "hot rating" of 8.2 -- not sure if that refers to my physical attractiveness or my proximity to the equator.  And there's a voter database that lists me as a Republican (which I am not) and another one that lists me as a Democrat (which I also am not).

But the most interesting one, to me, was the one that said I died last month in Ogden, Utah.  Apparently the cause of death was natural causes (I was 75).  I died 5 days before I was laid off, and a week before I began this blog.  At least it's a little refreshing that I didn't meet my demise in a fiery car accident, ambush crocodile attack or falling from a cliff.  I suppose natural causes is the way to go.  I have to say, life dealt me more than my share of curveballs, but overall it was a fun ride.

Seriously, though, I think it's pretty obvious that, like the Phoenix, I've risen from the ashes.  Shouldn't somebody be doing a story on me right now?



  1. Let me get right on that.

  2. aj- feel free to interview me. i'm technically his little sister and i'm sure a family statement would be interesting.

  3. Erin, do you have any comment on the Facebook cliffhanger your your alleged brother posted this morning?