Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Late-Night Quarterback

There was a lot of buzz this morning on sports talk radio.  "What the hell?  Why didn't Bill Belichick's try a 62-yard field goal attempt at the end of regulation Sunday in favor of a Hail Mary pass.  They could've lost in overtime." The pass ended up being intercepted.

I understand hindsight is 20/20, but come on. The wind had died down by the end of regulation.  The chances of Gostkowski making a 62-yard field goal werre about as slim as....completing a Hail Mary pass.  Probably less, when you consider there could've been a pass interference call on the Hail Mary, or, as the Patriots proved in their last game against Miami, the kick could've been blocked and run back for a touchdown.  It's kind of like saying, "Why didn't you play the lottery?  You'd have had a much better chance at winning Mega Millions than at winning the slots at Foxwoods!"

* My favorite Gruden-isms from Tennessee's 30-3 snoozer over Jacksonville on Monday Night Football.....

1) After a graphic showing that Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson have exactly the same stats over their first 36 games (seriously, it was eerie, one had 736 carries and 3,721 yards, the other had 737 carries and 3,721 yards), Gruden said, "I'd buy a ticket to see either one of them."  My question to Jon Gruden: Why?  You're paid to be a color commentator, you could get a press pass to see any NFL gane you want.  What would be the use of buying a ticket?

2) After a replay showing a Jacksonville receiver had indeed fumbled the football, Gruden said, "Those super-slo-mos are unbelievable."  Yeah, dude, it's awesome.  They've only had replay for, like, at least 40 years.  Seriously, does he smoke dope before the games?

* The worst thing about the Monday night game -- it ended at 11:35, exciting for me because I can flip over to NBC just in find out Jay Leno's in reruns this week.

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