Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Weeks' Notice

I've been told (by a shameless self-promoter) that I don't promote myself enough.

My efforts to try to reverse that begin now: On Oct. 20, I will be reading at "Inspired Voices: Fairfield MFA Student Reading" at the Borders on Post Road in Fairfield, Conn. I'll be reading from my novel-in-progress. This is, of course, assuming that I find the Borders, since I've never been there before. But I figure if I give people a couple weeks' notice, they might be more like to clear their schedule.

Now I have to figure out what excerpt to read.

Apologies to those who think I already talk about myself too much.


  1. hooray for you!
    very exciting!

  2. It will be exciting times in Fairfield.

  3. I really resent the fact that I created a Google account so that I could comment here.

  4. Excellent. I've lured Sebastian in. Now all Sebastian has to do is start following my blog.