Friday, October 22, 2010

The New York Yankees: A Tradition of Failure Since 1903

I always hear fans of the New York Yankees rattling off their team's accomplishments, which is baffling to me.

I'm here to celebrate the unparallelled failures of the Yankees, those losers of more World Series (13) than any other team in Major League Baseball history.  Their 6-1 loss to the Texas Rangers about a half-hour ago marks the 81st time in their storied history that the Yankees have failed to win a championship.

The Yankees haven't failed in all their goals, though.  In their 4-game-to-2 loss to Texas in the American League Championship Series, the Yankees had a chance to lose four straight to the same team for the first time since they blew a 3-0 ALCS lead to the Boston Red Sox in 2004.  But, after Texas won three straight games, the Yankees totally blew it, winning Game 5 at Yankee Stadium.  Yankee manager Joe Girardi is at the trying to put a positive spin on this right now at the post-game press conference, pointing out that the Yanks' monumental choke at the hands of the Red Sox still marks the only time in MLB postseason history that a team has blown a 3-0 series lead.

So, the next time a Yankee fan points out how "the Yankees always find a way to win," look at this fan as if he or she has three heads.  I look at the Yankees and see failure all around them.   

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