Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Walking In the Road In a Snowstorm

To the guy who was walking in the road on Route 9 yesterday afternoon during the snowstorm:

Great idea!  I live around the corner from where you were walking, and I applaud you for taking the initiative and getting out there, as I myself did by digging my car out of 7.4 inches of snow and making a break for Shaw's to stock up on some groceries.

Of course, there's a difference between me and you.  I drove.  You walked.  If I had lost control of my car, which was entirely possible based on the shitty condition Route 9 was in around 1:30pm (no thanks to you, Worcester DPW plows), you'd have been dead to rights.  It was almost a moot point, as the pickup truck in front of me nearly took you out instead, and you caused it to swerve into a snowbank, where it got stuck.

Since I didn't hit you, we never had the chance to have a conversation and I was unable to figure out why you were walking in the road.  This has intrigued me all day.

Perhaps you were trying to get hit on purpose, so you could turn around and sue the person who hit you.  If so, you should've walked in the other direction and crossed the bridge into Shrewsbury -- there's a lot more money in Shrewsbury than Worcester.

Or, perhaps you were suicidal.  If this is the case, then I imagine you were drawn to Worcester by the city slogan "Worcester: Where Jilted Lovers Go To Die."  Well there are better ways to kill yourself.  Again, may I point you to the bridge over Lake Quinsigamond, which separates Worcester and Shrewsbury.  It's probably a lot less painful to jump over the bridge than to get hit by a car.  And it'll look a lot more like a suicide, so your former significant other will be more likely feel bad about it and need therapy.

I don't know why I'm talking to you.  You probably got hit by the next car that came along and are now dead anyway.  But if not, I'll say this: while I applaud your goal-setting, next time think before you walk out in the road the next time we get a snowstorm and the plows don't come out in a timely manner.  There are better ways to accomplish your goals.  

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