Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow Etiquette

It's been a snowy month.  But this isn't our first rodeo, people.  We've had snow before.

Therefore, I present handy rules of snow etiquette:

1) When one is in the midst of steering their vehicle around a 7-foot-high snowbank, out of a parking lot or side street and is halfway onto the main road, do not attempt to pull into said parking lot or side street while driving full speed, as if there were no snow out.  When the said person is already halfway out onto the main road, all you're doing is blocking their access onto the road, and when you sit there with that blank stare, as if you don't understand why they don't want to bang their car into reverse, back into the parking lot or side street, and just start over again, you just look like a total jackass.

2) When one is digging their car out of a parking spot, don't hover behind them in your car with your motor running, asking them to move the chair or other object out of a parking spot that you particularly like even though there are 17 other available spots.  It may be cold and heartless, but under those circumstances they're gonna say no.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming.