Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Yoga Poses

I've immersed myself in yoga lately, for a variety of reasons -- it's a great workout, it has a calming influence on me, and there are a couple of yoga scenes in my novel.

Every so often I still learn a new pose.  For example, I just learned that there is a crocodile pose, which looks relaxing, and a scorpion pose, which looks painful and I doubt I will ever be able to perform.

I'm proposing some other poses. I think in the interest of promoting yoga, I think we should figure out a way to make these work.

*Snoopy pose (I think I can make an executive decision that this would involve lying on your back on top of a doghouse-shaped mat)
*Tyrannosaurus pose
*Jaguar pose
*Armadillo pose (would have to involve curling up into a ball)
*Coca-Cola can pose
*Aardvark pose
*Cheburashka pose
*Salmon pose

We'll see if this catches on.


  1. *Pterodactyl pose (will require wings, which can be supplemented by a propeller only if wings are not readily available)

  2. Tyrannosaurus pose would be pretty easy. You'd just stand in Utkatasana with T-Rex arms.

    Which proves my husband's theory about yoga poses and their names:
    "Why are all the manly, bad-ass poses easy? Cobra and Warrior are no problem, but Limp Butterfly will kill you."

  3. I think pterodactyl pose would be another name for airplane pose.

  4. Sure, except in Ptero you are required to actually fly! (Or at least hover, really. This takes beginners into account.)

  5. I like that there is a gator pose. makes me happy. :)