Monday, March 28, 2011

Let's Make a Deal

A couple of years ago CBS wheeled out Let's Make a Deal from old-show basement and rebooted it. The new version stars Wayne Brady.

I was a game-show nut growing up, but LMAD was the one game show I never really got into. For some reason I always found Monty Hall a little creepy, maybe being a little too realistic as the game-show host/used-car salesman.  And people dressing up in costume just seems weird. And I find it odd that they get suckered into bad deals so easily. For example:

Wayne: "I'm about to give you $2,000, but I'll let you trade it in for what's behind Curtain #2. And I'll give you a hint, the prize behind that curtain has four wheels."

Contestant (dressed up as Captain Zonk): "I'm taking CURTAIN #2. WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

(Curtain reveals to find four wheelbarrows)

Anyway, Wayne Brady is entertaining and that makes this somewhat watchable. But this isn't appointment television, and example of when life is better with the TV off.

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