Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Census Update

Since I spent nearly two years working for the Census Bureau, and I'm kind of a numbers geek, I feel like the taxpayers should get their money's worth.

I present to you the most populous municipalities in Massachusetts:

1) Boston -- 617,594, an increase of 28,453 and 4.83 percent over 2000. People talk about how Massachusetts is losing population and a Congressman, and certainly this is true compared to the South and West, where there's still plenty of open space left to settle. But this is actually Boston's biggest increase in total population since the 1950 Census, and the biggest percentage increase since the 1920 Census. So something must be bringing people in.

2) Worcester -- 181,045 and the home of yours truly. An increase of 8,397. I'm proud I had something to do with it. It doesn't look like Rhode Island's numbers have been released yet, so until I see Providence's numbers I won't know if I live in the second of third largest city in New England.

3) Springfield -- 153,170

4) Lowell -- 106,519

5) Cambridge -- 101,355

The total population in Massachusetts is  6,547,629, an increase of 198,532 (3.1 percent) over 2000.

There ya go. Your tax dollars at work. Don't say I never provided a service for you.


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