Monday, January 23, 2012

New Tires and Plastered Holes

Monday was a long day. I got almost no sleep, largely because I spent all night watching highlights of the NFL conference championship games on TV, first on the local 11 p.m. news, then on NFL Network, then on ESPN. Soon it was 3:30 a.m.

I woke up four hours later because it dawned on me that my car was 30 miles away with a flat tire,  and I needed to let the service station know why my car was there and ask them to see if they could replace the tires. They said they would try to acquire tires by the end of the day.

Then I called the folks who punched two holes in my apartment because they can't move furniture. They said one of them would be back Monday to replaster the holes. I scheduled a time for Furniture Guy to come over.

Then I got a rental car (actually a pickup truck, from the Enterprise that's within walking distance of my place).

Of course, the car repair and replastering events were set in motion almost simultaneously. Here's the timeline:

3:52 -- The auto body shop called to tell me my car was ready.

4:37 -- I arrived at the shop and pay for the new tires.

4:38 -- Furniture guy calls to tell me they're loading up the truck and will be heading to my apartment shortly.

4:39 -- I call Enterprise and ask how to get to the nearest branch (in Maynard, two towns away from the shop), so I can drop off my truck and have them drive me back to the shop so I can drive my car home.

5:04 -- I arrive at Enterprise Maynard.

5:20 -- After paying for the rental, one of the Enterprise guys drives me home. He starts talking about the Pats game and misses the exit back to Route 2.

5:31 -- We stumble upon the shop through total accident by driving the back roads. I realie Route 2 was a very roundabout way to get the Enterprise.

5:54 -- I get a call from the furniture guy. I'm 10 minutes from home, They tell me they're 5 minutes from my place. (If they're like most people, this means they're 15-20 minutes from my place.)

6:01 -- I get to my house.

6:14 -- The furntiure guy arrives.

Long story short, the holes have been replastered and partially painted. Furniture Guy will be back Wednesday to finish the job.

Now I need some sleep.

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