Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life After the MFA, Day 1

It usually takes me a couple of days to decompress after my MFA residency. It was a whirlwind residency.

The good news was that, as a graduating student, I didn't have to go to the faculty seminars (I did go to a couple anyway because they sounded interesting). We survived a septic disaster and worse-than-usual wireless internet. I wasn't as social as I usually am at these residencies, because despite not having to go to the seminars, there were other things I had to do -- lots of TA stuff, putting the finishing touches on a speech. So I was still as exhausted, if not more so, as I usually am at these residencies. Still, we had a great time.

I stayed in Mystic an extra day and hung out with one of my MFA friends. Usually I'm ready to go home at the end of the residencies. This time it was a different feeling. Because I'm done. I have my MFA now and won't be heading down to Enders anymore except for Alumni Day. This time I felt the need to stay an extra day.

On the way home, I began to feel a little sad. But staying in Mystic for breakfast was an omen, because the ride home gave me some nostalgic and inspirational tunes to listen to on the way back home.

"When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around" -- The Police
"Dreams" -- Van Halen
"Blow" -- Ke$ha
"Pumped Up Kicks" -- Foster The People (there's nothing inspirational about this song, in fact the lyrics are pretty dark. But because I've heard it so much in the past six months, in my mind it will forever be inexorably linked to my thesis.) 
"Empire State of Mind" -- Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys

It made the drive a lot easier. I'm still tired, but I feel more prepared for life after the MFA.

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  1. As I start my thesis, I find myself increasingly terrified by the thought of adopting Pumped-Up Kicks as a theme song.