Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flat Tire

I was on my way to see writer friends Saturday night when I got a flat tire on Route 2 in Concord.

Route 2 in Concord is a lousy place to have a flat. It doesn't have a wide breakdown lane, particularly after 6 inches of snow falls during the day. Still, I refuse to change my own tires (not to mention I have a spare but no rims). You always hear that story on the news a couple of times a year about the person who's changing a tire in the breakdown lane and they get hit and killed by an inattentive or drunk driver. I don't want that to be me, so I sat in the car, seatbelt on, waiting for a tow.

I was surprisingly calm. I called AAA. Because I was not in the safest location, they accelerated the tow and called the police, both of which came within 15 minutes. I was fine. We got my car towed to a place (that of course, is closed all weekend). Hopefully my car will be up and running by Monday afternoon.

I thank my friend Sebastian, who totally came through in the clutch by dispatching his butler to fetch me a ride back home.

And all throughout the evening's events, my primary concern was: how does this affect today's Patriots game? Also, this means I won't be returning to Dianne's house for the AFC Championship game.

It doesn't see like this is a good omen for the Pats. 


  1. Dispatching a butler to fetch someone in the car is so gauche. I would at least think Sebastian would have had the class to send the chauffeur.

    But seriously, I'm glad you and the Philmobile are okay.

  2. But my chauffeur is afraid to drive in the snow!

  3. Philmobile, huh.. Is that your car's name? That’s cute! Getting to the serious side, Sebastian saved you from trouble. And I think you made the right decision to just stay inside and wait for help than risk your life during tire replacement. Safety should still be a priority. Kudos to your decision! :)

    Rita McCall