Sunday, April 3, 2011

NCAA Finals

This is tough.

Normally in the college basketball tournament, I root for any of the following teams...

1) Syracuse (my undergrad alma mater. Now that I'm getting my masters, if Fairfield ever makes the tourney they'll join the list.)
2) Any teams from New England -- usually UConn is a solid bet to make the dance. Sometimes BC and Providence make it, and there's usually one or two Cinderella teams (this year it was BU, in the past it's been Holy Cross, Vermont, Northeastern and URI)
3) Any other Cinderella teams

Often, by the time we get to the Finals, I have no real rooting interest. Tonight, however, it's UConn (a New England team) vs. Butler (a Cinderella team).

This is a real problem.

It's a tough call who to root for. Often the finals will be two teams I hate (i.e. Duke vs. Indiana). Which, in a way, is less stressful -- you know one team you hate has to lose,so you're kind of happy no matter who wins. When it's two teams you like, it's tough to root against either.

I think I'll probably start by rooting for UConn, and then, after one team opens up a lead, root for the team that's trailing, and then if they take the lead, root for the team that falls behind.

It's going to be a stressful night. Somebody I'm partial to has to win.

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