Friday, April 29, 2011

Borders Bookcases

A couple of months ago Borders announced it was filing for bankruptcy, and shortly thereafter the chain announced most of the stores would close. The Shrewsbury location, the closest bookstore to me (about equidistant from the Worcester Barnes & Noble), is one of the stores closing. So I went over there last night for a little while, since it'll be one of the last times, if not the last time, I ever visit.

Obviously there are fewer books now and the place looks like a home during a garage sale. And there were signs everywhere -- All Items 60-70% Off! Everything Must Go!

And they mean everything.

Including the bookcases.

Yeah, for a cool $80, I could have a Borders bookcase. I need a bookcase, or maybe two. It dawned on me that I own a lot of books. And my one bookcase if a makeshift deal that's basically some plastic rods that connect like Legos to form something that sort of acts like something that holds together books.

I checked online and comparably sized bookcases seem to run for $100 or more. Two for $160 sounds even better.

Except I have nothing to transport them in. Anyone have a truck or something? 

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