Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Body of Proof

As part of the onslaught of midseason replacements, ABC has unveiled Body of Proof on Tuesday nights.

Dana Delany stars as Dr. Megan Hunt, whose career as a neurosurgeon is ruined by a car accident. Her personal life is also in tatters -- she's divorced and her ex has custody of their daughter, who i now estranged from her. Hunt switches careers and becomes a break-all-the-rules medical examiner who cracks cold cases.

Though the series takes place in Philadelphia, it's filmed in Rhode Island. (Hell, why stop there. Why not have the series take place in Providence while you're at it?)

It's very formulaic. Dr. Hunt skirts best practices and police procedures, and does things that in the real world would get her fired but in world of TV work just as she planned. If Dr. Gregory House were an ME instead of a doctor and had nice legs, he'd be Dr. Megan Hunt. That said, Delany does her usual good acting job as a sarcastic, funny-but-with-a-serious-side anti-hero. Plus, she's fun to look at (I can't believe she's 55). The show also features a supporting cast that includes Windell Middlebrooks, better known as the Miller High Life Delivery Guy.

So I wouldn't call it appointment television. But if you're looking for some good mindless entertainment on a Tuesday night, you could do worse.

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