Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ferocious Planet

Things I learned from early this morning from watching the SyFy Original Movie Ferocious Planet:

* Whenever a scientist briefs her colleagues on "the significant scientific discovery ever," it's the kiss of death.

* Stay in the spaceship. You don't know what's out there. But here's the thing: keep the spaceship door shut, too.

* Don't steal the eggs of a ferocious monster with sharp teeth and whomping big pincers. But if you do, and the monster catches you red-handed, whatever you do, DON'T drop the egg and let is smash all over the ground.

* Don't ever say, "That thing almost caught me back there." Becauss it's probably still right behind you.


* If you you just led the thing over a cliff, particularly when it's about an hour and 50 minutes into the movie, make sure you actually see if fall and smash its head open and die from massive head wounds. Otherwise, how do you know it's dead? There's still 10 minutes left...


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