Saturday, April 16, 2011

Masshole Parking Lot Driver

Last night I met with one of my writer's groups, which meets in Harvard Square. It's a nice opportuunity for me to leave Worcester and get a little culture, of which I have almost none.

As is my custom, I pulled into the Alewife parking lot to take the Red Line into the square. The lot was jammed last night. As I trolled for a parking lot along the main row a car pulled out from a side alley, nearly hitting me, headed toward the ticket booths, from where I just came.

That's kinda rude, I thought, but whatever. We're not known in Massachusetts for our driving etiquette.

The lanes in the Alewife lot are not very wide. Things become complicated because, thanks to the angle he took to pull out in front of me, neither of us can drive any further. I can't continue toward the more sparsely parked area of the lot because I'll hit him, and he can't head toward the ticket booth because he'll hit me.

We sit.

We stare at each other.

Neither of us moves.

Finally, I've had enough. I could easily back up and just let him pass. But I can't. This asshole cut me off because he's in a hurry or something and now he wants me to move. Not gonna happen.

I roll down my window.

He rolls his down.

"Hey, moron, how about if you back up, so that we can both get by," I shout at him. "Use some simple common sense. This isn't rocket science, pal."

He looked stunned. He backs up. I roll up my window. I can see him barking something at me as he drives by, which I didn't pay attention to because I was too busy giving him the finger.

Life goes on.

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