Thursday, December 18, 2014

NFL Week 15 Predictions

Oh man, the season is almost over. This has been exhausting. Two more weeks left. (There are playoffs, of course, but only at most four games a week in the playoffs.)

This week's picks:

Jaguars 23, Titans 17 -- For its Thursday Night Football finale tonight, NFL Network schedules arguably the worst game of the entire 2014 season. Not to be outdone, tonight NBC schedules The People Magazine Awards.

Eagles 27, Redskins 20 -- Philadelphia rallies from 21-0 down Sunday night to take lead over the emotionally fragile Cowboys, and then blow the game in the fourth quarter. Not a good sign for Eagles' playoff prospects.

Chargers 38, 49ers 15 -- I went back and forth on this one. 49ers have clearly quit on the season and Jim Harbaugh. But Chargers have a way of putting themselves in playoff position and then quitting.

Panthers 13, Browns 6 -- Derek Anderson has a slim chance of starting against the team where he had his one good season in 2007, just like Johnny Manziel has a slim chance of being a good NFL quarterback.

Lions 26, Bears 21 -- Jay Cutler benched in favor of Jimmy Clausen. The sad part: I didn't even realize Jimmy Clausen was still in the NFL.

Ravens 23, Texans 19 -- Ryan Mallett and Ryan Fitzpatrick both now out for the season, meaning Texans NFL-record streak of games started by a QB named Ryan comes to an end.

Dolphins 20, Vikings 17 -- Maybe for once, the Dolphins will win some clutch games next December.

Saints 26, Falcons 13 -- All rational thought should lead me to pick Atlanta here, because it'd mean Saints, Falcons and Panthers would be within a half-game of each other going into the final weekend in this godawful division. What the hell am I thinking?

Patriots 31, Jets 21 -- Not gonna lie: it won't be the same without Rex Ryan.

Steelers 24, Chiefs 19 -- Steelers have had an abusive relationship with their fans this year, thumping the Bengals, Ravens and Colts while losing to the Buccaneers, Jets and Saints. Just what exactly that means against the 8-6 Chiefs is unclear.

Packers 17, Buccaneers 14 -- The way Aaron Rodgers played last week against Buffalo, I think maybe he needs to switch up his Hans and Franz workout routine.

Giants 31, Rams 10 -- Giants have a way of looking pretty damn good once they're eliminated from playoff competition.

Colts 37, Cowboys 13 -- Picking the Colts because, by law, the Cowboys are required to have a playoff berth on the line in their final regular-season game.

Bills 37, Raiders 21 -- Just when you thought the Raiders might be the best team in the Bay Area (not setting the bar high, I know), the old Raiders returned last Sunday and got pummeled by Kansas City.

Seahawks 17, Cardinals 10 -- Cardinals and Texans combine to use 37 quarterbacks in 2014.

Broncos 24, Bengals 23 -- Can someone please beat Denver!? Anyone?!

LAST WEEK -- 12-4

SEASON TO DATE -- 151-72-1

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