Thursday, September 25, 2014

NFL Week 4 Predictions

Wow. I was a shocking 11-5 last week. It's almost like I tried.

Anyway, the best part about Week 4 is that the bye weeks start, so I have fewer games to pick.

Here goes:

N.Y. Giants 23, Washington 9 -- The Giants are the type of team that, whatever you pick them to do, they'll do the opposite. I hate the Giants, so I'll pick them to win and hopefully that'll jinx them.

Baltimore 23, Carolina 21 -- Steve Smith promised "blood and guts everywhere" if the Ravens WR gets matched up against his former team, so expect him to begin serving a six-game suspension next week.

Packers 38, Bears 23 -- Week 2: Packers rally to beat Geno Smith and the Jets. Week 3: Bears hold off a late rally to beat Geno Smith and the Jets. The bad news for both teams: neither is playing Geno Smith this week.

Bills 31, Texans 24 -- Giants beat Texans last week and afterwards accused J.J. Watt and Houston defensive line of "tapping out" late in the game. Are the Giants on crack? Did they watch Matt Schaub play for the Texans last year? Now that's tapping out.

Colts 31, Titans 10 -- Be afraid, Tennessee: last week I picked Atlanta to beat Tampa Bay by this same score. A few hours later, the Falcons were up 56-0.

Lions 17, Jets 10 --  Antonio Allen's goal: hold Megatron without a catch on Sunday. Antonio Allen's other goal: hold Kanye West without a meltdown on Sunday.

Dolphins 35, Raiders 17 -- The London series continues, which brings up the question: who will score more points per game in 2014-15 season: Oakland Raiders or Manchester United?

Steelers 17, Buccaneers 12 -- Tampa Bay offense performs much better after Lovie Smith inserts a new starting QB: Bucs' mascot Captain Fear.

Chargers 34, Jaguars 21 -- Someday, both these teams will move to Los Angeles and this will be a more interesting -- if just as apathetic -- matchup.

Falcons 30, Vikings 10 -- A silver lining after a rough couple of weeks for Minnesota: Vikings players lead the league in successful completion of the Cinnamon Challenge.

49ers 24, Eagles 23 -- San Francisco: 0 points in the 4th quarter this season. If Jim Harbaugh is such a great coach, maybe he should explain to the team that the games don't end after 45 minutes.

Saints 21, Cowboys 20 -- Tony Romo has thrown at least one TD pass in 31 consecutive games, and at least one interception in 2,463 consecutive games.

Patriots 17, Chiefs 16 --  Belichick's done it again. Patriots unleash their new deep threat WR: Vince Wilfork.



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