Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Tao of Phil

I was in a situation that required me to write a thank-you note. Recently at the unemployment office I picked up a guide to thank-you notes.

And Wednesday, I misplaced it. I just had it a day ago.

I tore my house apart.

I get frustrated when these things happen, and it makes me not a nice person to be around. I start to get angry at people who I barely know, or people I know well. I start to get pissed about things I have no control over ("Why does TV suck on Tuesday nights?" "Why can't the Bruins play more consistent hockey?"). 

Finally, I got a hold of myself.

"Phil, this is stupid. You don't need a template to write a thank-you note. You know how to do this."

So I sat down and started to wing it. And within seconds, I found the guide, sitting in a folder I made for myself.

It's the Tao of Phil.

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