Monday, March 19, 2012

The Roach Motel of Interviews

Just a thought, based on recent events....

Say you're waiting for a job interview at 10:30, and someone else, who has the 10:00 interview, is still waiting to get their turn.

You see them led off to speak with the interviewer, and then they're gone for awhile. You're a little annoyed that the entire interview schedule is running long, but whatevs. It happens.

You see the interviewer come out and call you in. Which is great. Except you never saw the other candidate leave.

Should this concern you? (i.e., a la the Roach Motel, "Interviewers check in, but they don't check out.")

Or is this to your advantage? (i.e., one of your potential competitors has been ELIMINATED).


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