Friday, March 30, 2012

My Dream Job

After years of soul-searching, Friday night it dawned on me what my dream job is -- celebrity panelist on $100,000 Pyramid

It's a great gig. You work 30 minutes a day. You help ordinary people win lots of money. It's intellectually challenging.

I think I'd be pretty good at it too. For example, I was watching this Winner's Circle clip on YouTube, and the top-box category was "Things that are Enshrined," and the woman's having a tough time coming up with a clue, and I'm shouting at my laptop "A Hall of Fame quarterback! A HALL OF FAME QUARTERBACK!!!" And lo and behold, seconds later she says "A Hall of Fame" something-or-other and walks away with $100,000.

Clearly there are some barriers between me and my dream job. For one, Pyramid hasn't been on the air in years. Also, I'm not a celebrity. I'm as ordinary as it gets. (But hey if they're paying me I don't need to be a celebrity.) But if you're reading this, Hollywood show execs, I think this is a great idea. Particularly for me. And I think I can help others.

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