Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Drivers' License

I had to be in the Pittsfield area Tuesday, and at the gas station in Leominster I realized I left my drivers' license at home.

So I had to decide: take 10 minutes and go back home and get my license, risking that I would be late on the two-hour drive to Pittsfield, or continue the drive onto Pittsfield, risking that I'd get pulled over without my license.

This decision overwhelmed me. Sometimes I sweat the small stuff. I get paralyzed by these decisions.

I got a hold of myself and said: "Stop. Figure out what you want to do and be decisive."

I went back home, picked up my license and headed back. It added 10 minutes to my trip, but I reassured myself that I always give myself plenty of time when I take longer trips.

I still got to Pittsfield with time to spare.   

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