Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fashion Star

Those of you who know me know that I have zero fashion sense. I'm a T-shirt and sweats type of guy. I wouldn't know a maxidress from a pair of shorts.

I do, however, watch a lot of reality TV -- American Idol, The Bachelor, Shark Tank. It's all good.

So when NBC launched Fashion Star I decided to give it a shot. Contestants compete with each other to create the next big brand. They're judged by Jessica Simpson, Nicole Ritchie and Some Guy I've Never Heard Of, and then representatives from H & M, Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue decide whether to bid or pass on the design. Conceivably, this can lead to a bidding war with each other (on Tuesday's show, the bids started at $50K and got all way into six figures).

Like any reality TV show, Fashion Star is better when it's got divas. One contestant named Oscar, who didn't exactly wow the judges, had a bit of a tantrum when nobody bid on his dress. If Oscar were a writer, he'd use Calibri font. Watching melodramatic reality TV show contestants, of course, is always entertaining.

But Oscar ended up eliminated Tuesday, and the other contestants were pretty dull. Great for reality life, not so great for reality TV. And for someone like me, who's not much of a fashionista, that begins to be a problem.

I can't sing but I can watch Idol and know that one of the contestants can belt a tune. Being the sartorially challenged person that I am, it's tough for me to look at a dress and say, "Yeah, now that's got it going on." So I'm not sure how long Fashion Star will keep me engaged. 

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