Thursday, November 26, 2015

2015 NFL Week 12 Predictions -- Thanksgiving Edition

Much better week last week -- 9-5. I was 3-5 in the 1pm Sunday games and undefeated at all other times.

Happy Thanksgiving! This week's picks:

Philadelphia 13, Detroit 11 -- This game should be more comical than the Snoopy-lawnchair brawl.

Carolina 24, Dallas 20 -- THIS WEEK: 10-0 Carolina was a betting underdog against 3-7 Dallas. NEXT WEEK: Panthers will be underdogs against Charlie Brown's baseball team.

Green Bay 17, Chicago 3 -- Can't wait for Brett Favre to announce he's coming out of retirement.

Atlanta 24, Minnesota 14 -- I'm giving the Falcons one last chance to pull their heads out of their asses before I give up on them completely.

Cincinnati 24, St. Louis 10 -- First meeting between these two teams since Harvey Dahl became a YouTube legend. (NSFW)

Houston 23, New Orleans 10 -- Probably will regret this pick, because I feel like the winner if the AFC South is destined to have a losing record this year.

Indianapolis 31, Tampa Bay 28 -- Colts file a complaint with the NFL, claiming that Buccaneers arrived at the game with undercooked turkeys.

Jacksonville 24, San Diego 17 -- Jaguars are legitimately in the mix for the AFC South title. That can't possibly last, can it?

Kansas City 54, Buffalo 31 -- Chiefs are legitimately in the mix for an AFC wild-card berth. That can't possibly last, can it?

N.Y. Jets 20, Miami 3 -- DOLPHINS, LAST WEEK'S GOAL: End a streak of three consecutive games with a Ryan Tannehill-involved safety. RESULT: No safeties, but Tannehill threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown. THIS WEEK'S GOAL: Get Dolphins' Thanksgiving dinner ready early so there's no waiting. RESULT: Dinner ready on time, but the lawnchair from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving shows up to kick the crap out of the Dolphins.

Oakland 23, Tennessee 19 -- Just think, a couple of weeks ago people were using the words "Raiders" and "playoffs" in the same sentence.

N.Y. Giants 23, Washington 19 -- For the rest of the season, Tom Coughlin vows to employ clock management in the game's final two minutes without his head up his ass.

Arizona 27, San Francisco 6 -- NFL unveils the new Colin Kaepernick Injured Reserve List: after you get hurt, you're allowed to play for six more weeks.

Seattle 13, Pittsburgh 9 -- Seahawks haven't scored a point against the Steelers since the third quarter of Super Bowl XL (10 years, two full games + one quarter).

New England 34, Denver 31 -- If the Patriots suffer any more wide receiver injuries they may have to re-sign Deion Branch.

Cleveland 33, Baltimore 30 -- The only thing worse than watching this game: watching this game while listening to Jon Gruden.


2015 TO DATE: 92-68

2014 AFTER WEEK 11: 106-55

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