Saturday, September 7, 2013

2013 NFL Playoff Picks

The hardest part about doing a three-blog series on my kooky NFL predictions is that I have to go back and figure out who I picked to go to the playoffs and then figure out the matchups by seed, which is a real pain in the ass.

But here goes:

(4) Giants 35, (5) Chicago 17. Sorry, Jay Cutler, the fun ends here. Prepare to have your jersey borrowed again.
(3) Atlanta 29, (6) Tampa Bay 18. Yes, I pick strange final scores too.
(4) Houston 20, (5) San Diego 13. I'm saying the Chargers win the tiebreaker over the Jets for the top wild-card seed, but that doesn't necessarily translate to victory.
(6) N.Y. Jets 13, (3) Cincinnati 10. Jets unveil the wishbone offense at halftime and confuse the Bengals to advance.

(1) Green Bay 38, (4) N.Y Giants 31. In an attempt to reverse his recent playoff fortunes, Aaron Rodgers drops the State Farm Discount Double-Check in favor of The Allstate Mayhem Guy.
(3) Atlanta 30, (2) Seattle 28. Essentially, they will replay last year's playoff game, except this time in Seattle.
(6) N.Y. Jets 3, (1) Denver 0. Jets become the first team in NFL history to have time of possession for the full 60 minutes and kick a field goal on the game's final play. This Mark Sanchez wishbone thing could really catch on.
(4) Houston 26, (2) New England 16. In the past year I've become more and more superstitious about picking my Patriots to win. So, I will pick them to lose and hope reverse psychology takes effect.

(3) Atlanta 27, (1) Green Bay 24. Now I'm just completely winging it....
(4) Houston 77, (6) N.Y. Jets 0. The wishbone comes back to bite Jets in the ass, as they become the first team in NFL history to lose a fumble on every play from scrimmage.

(3AFC) Atlanta 41, (4AFC) Houston 38. Matt Schaub's attempt to get revenge on his former team fails. (Seriously, I'm hoping the Patriots will win the Super Bowl so take this was a grain of salt.)

That's all folks. Let the debate begin.

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