Thursday, August 11, 2011

NFL Football Is Back

NFL football is back.

OK, it's just preseason football. But it's football nonetheless. Even though most starters only play for a couple of series (if at all), the beauty of preseason football is that it's still fun to watch. Young kids fighting for roster spots and all.

And even by preseason standards, this preseason is fascinating.

The NFL will happen this year. The season won't be canceled. I don't have to worry about following a Canadian football league team or live my life vicariously through the football team in my novel.

And the new collective bargaining agreement makes it interesting -- shorter and fewer practices, a whirlwind, two-week free agent period, potential for more injuries from players, not to mention some risky but intriguing signings by the Patriots, none of whom played in the Pats' 47-12 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The United States may be a credit risk, the economy may still suck and I may have writer's block, but the NFL is back. And that's why I feel good tonight.    


  1. Hooray American Football! AT least we aren't relegated to watching "Playing for Pizza" (John Grisham type football.
    (Wait! You changed again!)