Sunday, January 3, 2016

NFL 2015 Week 17 Picks -- Playoff Tiebreaker Edition

Week 17 is my favorite week of the season – no Thursday night games, and doubleheaders on CBS and Fox.


This week’s picks:


New Orleans 45, Atlanta 16 – Falcons had their highlight last week beating Carolina. This could be a “mail it in” game.


N.Y Jets 28, Buffalo 9 – Ugh. Thinking the Bills might be ripe to pull off the upset. Also thinking it’s sad when I’m kinda puuling for the Jets.


Detroit 26, Chicago 24 – The only downside to Week 17 – a lot of “nobody cares” games.


Baltimore 20, Cincinnati 10 – A late lump in the coal in the stocking for Fox, which gets to flex this game in.


Pittsburgh 20, Cleveland 7 – Pittsburgh: needs help to make playoffs, and by “needs help” I mean “needs to be realigned to the NFC East.”


Washington 44, Dallas 17 – Maybe Tony Romo will stay healthy next year.


Houston 23, Jacksonville 17 – Pittsburgh Steelers: good chance to miss the playoffs, would’ve clinched the AFC South six weeks ago.


Indianapolis 27, Tennessee 10 – Colts make playoffs with a win coupled with loses by the Texans, Saints, Browns, Patriots, Bengals, Jets, Chargers and Chiefs – but only if psi of all footballs in each game is above 14.5


New England 28, Miami 0 – THEN: “Boy Dan Campbell really lit a fire under those Dolphins.” NOW: “Boy Dan Campbell really has those Dolphins playing for a Top 5 draft pick.”


N.Y Giants 34, Philadelphia 26 – Man this blog is gonna miss Chip Kelly.


Seattle 23, Arizona 20 – If Carolina gets off to a big lead on Tampa Bay, Cardinals will start mailing this one in.


Carolina 31, Tampa Bay 23 – Of course the one week I give up on picking the Panthers to lose and Falcons to win, Atlanta turns around and upsets Carolina.


Denver 33, San Diego 28 – Peyton Manning on the sidelines today. This could end badly.


Kansas City 31, Oakland 10 – Can’t wait for this moving to Los Angeles dram to unfold this offseason for the Raiders, Rams and Chargers.


St. Louis 34, San Francisco 27 – 49ers reportedly considering firing Jim Tomsula and hiring Chip Kelly. Man this blog is gonna love Chip Kelly.


Green Bay 37, Minnesota 34 – Somebody called me “a good game manager” the other day. Now I know how Teddy Bridgewater feels.






2015 TO DATE: 147-93


2014 AFTER WEEK 16: 161-79



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