Monday, February 24, 2014

On the Word "Douchebag" and Game Shows

I know you can say the word "douchebag" on TV, because I've heard it on late-night talk shows. Maybe there's a rule that you can only say it after 11pm?

If that's the case, I propose a loosening of the rules.

For example, whenever Alex Trebek lectures a Jeopardy! contestant on how they made a careless error or took too much time answering a question, I feel it would take some of the edge off if the contestants could snap, "Well, excuse me for living. Stop being such a douchebag, Alex."

Or, in Wheel of Fortune, after the wheel stops on BANKRUPT and LOSE A TURN four or five spins in a row, it'd be the perfect time for Pat Sajak to say, "Boy that wheel is being a douchebag today."

Perhaps I'm just part of the lowest common denominator. But I feel like there are times on game shows when people should free themselves and just let the "douchebag" fly.

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  1. watch some of Steve Harvey's you tube clips from family feud.