Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Wrap-Up

Now that another Academy Award night is in the books, I present to you my thoughts.

* The show wraps up at 11:38 (not including the kids' sing-along at the end, which is great but not really relevant to the show).  Not bad.  Last year was much longer and there have been much worse in the past.  It would've even ended a little sooner if go back to the old days, when there were only five Best Picture nominees instead of 100.

* I would've voted for The Social Network.  To me, it's much more relevant, when there's been a revolution in the Middle East that's been referred to as the Facebook Revolution, to select it as Best Picture over a movie about a king who stutters.  Then again, I didn't see any of the Best Picture nominees -- come to think of it, I haven't actually seen a movie in theaters in more than a year, so what the hell do I know?

* Speaking of not seeing any movies, I gotta see Black Swan one of these days.

* It would've been nice if James Franco acted like he cared about hosting the show.

* Nice job by Anne Hathaway in picking up the slack for Franco, though it made her look as if she popped an entire box of Vivarin before the show.  That said, she's very pretty, too pretty to be wearing that much makeup.

* Marisa Tomei was, is and always will be beautiful.

* Melissa Leo -- gotta love the f-bomb. Gotta hate the seven-second delay.

* Chrstian Bale.  Nice line poking fun at his own profanity-laced tirade when referring to Melissa Leo. But is it just me or did he actually FORGET HIS WIFE'S NAME on stage. What was that all about?

* I'm pissed that Cheburashka got dissed for best animated short. OK, fine, there hasn't been a new Cheburashka short since 1983, so he's not eligible, but still. He deserves an Oscar for something. (Stay tuned.  More to come on the little guy.)

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