Saturday, February 12, 2011

Job Fair

So Tuesday I went to the second job fair in as many days, put on by an employer (we'll just refer to it as The Company) that was hiring for management positions.

I spoke with two of The Company's senior managers, both of whom seemed impressed by me.  They also seemed a little concerned with how much I've made at past employers, but I told them I was willing to be flexible on salary.  They said they like my qualifications and that I would hear back from them soon.

They were right.  Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from The Company.  Never a good sign.  But what struck me was this comment (emphasis added):

"We were fortunate to have many qualified candidates with similar qualifications apply for this position.  Although your qualifications were impressive, we have selected a candidate who more closely fits our current needs.  Thank you for considering The Company as a potential employer."

You held a job fair for ONE opening.  Folks, that's not a job fair, that's a want ad.

Every time I don't get a job I try to look on the bright side and say to myself, it wasn't the right opportunity and it's for the best.  This time, that didn't take a lot of self-convincing.


  1. I have received many of those. Unfortunately, mine all came by e-mail. At least you got a physical letter. - Michelle

  2. That's a WTF moment. Did you at least get a free lunch?

  3. No free lunch. But I did get a free pen.