Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bill Walton

I just got home from a night out and caught the end of the Celtics-LA Clippers game, and was fascinated to see that Bill Walton, a one-time Celtic who has called games for the Clippers for years, doing color commentary for the Celtics alongside Mike Gorman.   
Walton is a different cat. He always sounds like he's on his way home from a Grateful Dead concert. Much of what he says makes absolutely no sense. Yet it's somehow entertaining. A sampling:

* On Paul Pierce: "Pierce is the Humboldt Current of basketball, sweeping northwestward from Antarctica up through the Galapagos on his way to the hoop."

* After a Clippers possession ends in a shot-clock violation: "That was the worst possession in history of the Los Angeles Clippers." (A pretty bold claim, given the history of the Clippers franchise.)

* After the Clippers call timeout following a 16-4 Celtics run: "The Clippers need more than a timeout.  The Clippers need to make some trades."

* On Celtic legend and color commentator Tommy Heinsohn, who apparently just got a Twitter account: "Tommy Heinsohn, driving the train of social media."

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