Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fiction Workout

Yesterday afternoon I had to send out an excerpt of my novel to my professor.  So I challenged myself to see how much I could write in four hours.

I set a goal to write seven pages in four hours, and succeeded.  I don't know how good those seven pages were but the important part was, the felt good.  (In other words, I didn't read them back and say to myself, wow, this totally blows.)

It felt like an exhausting workout. Seriously. There won't be any great writing in today's blog, because I'm kind of fried.  I'm about to go to bed and I feel like I'll be sore when I wake up tomorrow.  But it was a great experience -- challenging myself.  I do think that there are times when, at least for me, no matter what I'm just not in the mood to write.  But I feel like I know myself better as a writer now and that's a great feeling.  It'll help me as a writer going forward.

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