Monday, March 14, 2011

One Space Or Two?

Somewhere -- though I can't find it now -- there was a place saying it's okay to leave one space between period and new sentence, instead of the traditional two.

I've been accused of being a minimalist, so maybe I'm just falling into character. But I kind of like it. Tighter.  Maybe a little more busy on the page but I don't care.

How does everyone else feel about this?


  1. Single space, all the way! I believe (and it seems Wikipedia agrees: that the two-space tradition stemmed from the use of typewriters -- the page looked too busy given the way the typewritten page looks anyway, but with computers now the single space is coming back. It's neater, more succinct, and damn it, it puts the pressure on!

    (Along these lines, how do you feel about the sequential comma?)

  2. I prefer the single space. And it's MLA style...

  3. I'm glad I appear to be in the mainstream. I was woried I'd be branded as a radical extremist.