Friday, March 4, 2011

National Bad Customer Service Week

Since mediocre customer service has been the Theme of the Week, and since I'm deeply immersed in fiction right now and want to dust off something quick, here's an incident from last night.

I go to the convenience store down the street, where I pick up the following items:

* Two Coca-Colas (because they're this week's special: buy-one-get-one-free).

* Two Reese's peanut butter eggs (because with the accompanying coupon they're buy-one-get-the-second-at-half-price).

This should satsify my sugar fix for the next two days. I go to the counter, where someone I don't recognize is working. However, he has "Senior Sales Associate" affixed to his name badge. So I'm confident.

He rings everything up. The total comes to $5.26.

He's completely ignored the specials

"Aren't the Cokes buy-one-get-one-free?" I ask.

"Oh yeah, sorry." He deletes the second one from the transaction.

Then he rings up the total again -- $3.62.

"I have a coupon for those," I say, pointing to the peanut butterr eggs.

"Oh yeah, sorry."

Finally, everything is scanned corrrectly. $3.12.

It must be National Bad Customer Service Week.


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