Thursday, December 23, 2010

Things To Do Before Residency, Addendum

Yesterday I came up with a list of things to do before residency.  The good news is I can scratch two of the five items off the list.  I now have pants.  And I've decided to bring the laptop.  (Whether it'll work or not on an isolated island with chance of much precipitation is another story, but...)

On the down side, I realized I have two other things to do. 

* I have to identify a five-minute passage from my novel for a public reading I'll be giving.

* I have to introduce my mentor, which means I have to write a 90-second introduction.

So two more items that'll take an estimated 6 1/2 minutes, added to three minutes of emptying out my binder and maybe a half-hour of packing.  39 1/2 minutes prep time total.  I'm all stressed out about it. 

Oh crap! I also forgot about revising my novel.  Cancel Christmas.  There goes the rest of the next three days.


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