Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Bachelor, Part 1: The Video Game

I was doing a little research for a blog (see tomorrow) when I came across this:

The Bachelor: The Videogame

·         Chris Harrison is your host in the game and will take you through the single player mode that is structured like the TV show
·         Compete against your "frenemies" in multiplayer mode
·         Sabotage your opponent's dates to prevent them from receiving a rose?or they may sabotage yours!
·         Features real-life The Bachelor and The Bachelorette contestants
·         Take personality tests and view your dating profile and compatibility results

The quest for love doesn't have to end after the show's final rose. Now, you can experience the excitement of the TV show in your very own adventure and compete for the affections of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette! It's up to you to make an impression that will leave your suitor with only one offer you the final rose!

The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure reality TV show, so I get a kick out of it.  Not sure I understand the concept of a Bachelor videogame, though.  Clearly they don't have me in mind, since you can only play the role of the female suitors and not the role of the bachelor/-ette.  The only role I would play is that of the one who's handing out the roses.  But I'm not sure why women would play this game either; it seems silly to be vying for a fictitious version of a guy who was on The Bachelor three seasons ago and already picked someone who 1) wasn't them and 2) unceremoniously broke up with the woman he picked two months later.

I guess I'm onto something, as I went onto Amazon and found this review, from a jilted woman who gave The Bachelor video game only one star:

I love the show, hate the game. After seeing the trailer I thought it looked really cool, I went to buy it the next day. After playing for about half an hour I got bored. The only thing your doing is playing mini games, thats it. The only way you can "sabotage the other dates" like it says on the back of the wii box is by beating them in a mini game. I really really want to return this game.

Good stuff.  ABC needs to get this woman as a contestant next season.

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